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Welcome to Bats!

Wow! What a busy term we have had in Bats Class.

Our topic for the Autumn term is ‘Dragons’.

We have been looking at “Dragon Loves Penguin” by the award-winning Scottish author and illustrator, Debi Gliori.

dragon loves penguin

Click on the ‘Dragon Loves Penguin’ front cover to see Debi Gliori illustrate a page from the book.   By watching this clip, we were inspired to use pencil and charcoal to recreate the picture.

The story is set in a cold place with a very hot volcano.  We looked at maps of the world and identified hot and cold places.  We can now name the continents and oceans of the world.  The story is about survival; through a science week, we looked at ‘Living Things and their Habitats’.  We found out what 7 life processes all plants and animals have in common and grouped objects into Living, Dead and Never Alive.  We now what living things need in order to survive.  We studied our own habitats and searched microhabitats for minibeasts.   We started to think about which minibeasts we found in different habitats and why they prefer to live there.

We also enjoyed reading “Tell me a Dragon” by Jackie Morris.

JM     dragons


We designed our own dragons and described them using exciting adjectives.  We painted our dragons and added text to create our own book.


In NovembeTrouble with Dragonsr we will be looking at another of Debi Gliori’s books,

“The Trouble with Dragons”.







Congratulations to all of the children in Bats class who participated in the National Sumdog Contest. Everyone tried really hard both at school and at home.

We had some great results; out of 40,633 contestants, Neve came 318th! She answered 1000 questions and got an outstanding 929 correct.  Jasmine attempted 1000 questions and answered 879 correctly.  This put her in 885th place.


As we go on our learning journey, Bats Class will share with you what they have experienced, discovered, enjoyed and learned – so watch this space!