Hayesdown First School

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Welcome to Bats Class!

What a busy term we have had in Bats Class!

Our project for the Autumn term is ‘The Jolly Christmas Postman’.

We have been looking at a variety of Janet and Allan Ahlberg stories this term. We have written lots of letters and we performed and starred in our very own version of ‘The Jolly Christmas Postman’ play for our Y2 Christmas show.



We have had a visit from Postie Jane who works for Royal Mail and we asked her lots of questions about her job. Did you know she visits 500 houses and delivers 5000 letters in Frome every day? We decided that because she has a crown on her uniform (just like the picture below) she works for, and must know, the Queen!

In Maths we have used our knowledge of number calculations with addition, subtraction and multiplication to make Advent calendars. We decorated each door with traditional and invented rangoli patterns as we have been exploring how other cultures celebrate special times and festivals in different ways. We have learnt about the importance of Diwali for Hindus, which means the Festival of Lights, and we have acted out the story of Rama and Sita.


Bats Class really enjoyed using our TASC wheel to design and make biscuits and filled plant pots to sell at the Christmas Fair to raise money for our school. We designed three and chose our best design to sell. We think you’ll agree they looked delicious and we completely sold out; all 50 biscuits mixed, baked, decorated, sold and munched. We sold over 40 planters too. When we evaluated our hard work we decided that we did very well as our class made £100 for our School! The final total for the Christmas fair from the whole School was over £1,300. Wow!



As we continue on our learning journey, Bats Class will share with you what they have experienced, discovered, enjoyed and learned – so watch this space!