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Welcome to Eagles!

In Eagles class we have been writing stories, ready to enter the Radio 2 ‘500 words’ competition.

We took part in a live master class with Frank Cottrell Boyce which gave us plenty of inspiration for our own stories.

The Alphabot on the Radio 2 website provided us with a whole variety of words to help us on our literary way.

Watch this space for the chance to read some of our favourite ones!


eagles story writing 056

Morgan and Fraya engrossed in their story writing!

eagles story writing 057 - Copy

Creativity in action!

eagles story writing 060 - Copy

Max is determined to make this his best story to date.


Practising Maths Skills In Ancient Egypt by Bella (Year 4 pupil in Eagles Class)

Egypt day 1On Friday we completed three different tasks where we had to use the maths skills we learnt in our recent maths ‘loop of learning’.

All of the tasks were linked to our topic of Ancient Egypt and we had great fun completing them.
First of all my class had to weigh fake hearts. We had to write down the weight of the heart. It was quite tricky trying to read the scales but we got there in the end! Surprisingly, there was a fake, gloopy heart, a dough heart and a green sphere covered in glitter! It was very exciting. Egyptians weighed hearts so they could see where they would spend their after-life.

Secondly, we went into Mrs McCormack’s classroom where we had to search under covered tables that resembled Egyptian tombs. Egyptians searched tombs to find golden coins, jewels and most importantly, sarcophaguses! My group had to search in the tomb passages and take photos of treasure we found. We had torches to help us find the way. The treasure had prices and we had to total the price of the treasure we found to see if it added up to more than £10.

Our final task was to measure our body pieces ready for mummification, as they did in Ancient Egypt. We used enormously long tape measures to take our head, ankle, foot, waist and wrist measurements. When we had finished we had to measure a golden box and work out how much bigger the box needed to be to fit us inside. It was very, very tricky but I still tried hard.

At the end of the day, in Golden Time, we had an amazing time playing a mummy challenge game. We had to wrap up one of our House Team in toilet roll! We wrapped him carefully, desperate to get the team points. Sadly, we didn’t win as Mrs Baker pointed out that we had wrapped Maxim’s legs together!