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HEDGEHOGS 2016-2017Picture1

Term 3

What a huge amount has happened since I last updated this page. This fantastic class has learnt about Seeds of Hope. Using beautiful books such as The Tin Forest, The Flower and  The Promise, we found out much about our world and how important the environment is. We visited Westonbirt Arboretum and even set ourselves the Silver Tree Award challenge.

We found out about the moon, the stars and planets in Time and Space. Our time was well spent exploring WIN_20161209_101021facts and figures, finding out about space travel and real live astronauts. Our project books, were Beegu, Man on the moon and How big is a million? which gave us plenty of diverse interests and ideas to follow from learning the names of planets and constellations to working out how Beegu must have been feeling when on her own in the big city.  Our grand finale, The Sleepy Stargazer, was a great success: a mixture of story and song linked to the Christmas Story which really rocked the school!

Already in Term 3, the children decided that despite our trolley of laptops, digital cameras and other devices, they really would like to have a tablet in class. It wouldWIN_20170124_122529 support their ability to instantly upload photos of their work to online folders and to share with parents. After much discussion, we have been fundraising. Using skills gained at Hedgehogs’ Christmas fayre stall, they quickly started talking pricing, advertising and sharing food so we ran a bake sale. Plenty pizza was cooked (estimated, weighed, measured, scattered with bossy verbs and recipe ideas) and sold. Cakes and bakes came in from home to create a dazzling array which sold out in about ten minutes.

The Terrific Transformations and traditional tales of our topic have not only been focused on stories, life cycles, time and weather or even in the pricing, maths skills and money matters of such a sale but now we are also “tech-happy” tablet owners. Our end of project Museum of Learning is looming, so currently work is being polished and presented, checked, reworked and examined. How are we learning? What are the gaps or challenges still to come?

Watch this space… with this class the sky’s the limit!


Welcome to Picture1a new school year. We are starting off as we mean to go on, improving our skills and trying to make a difference. Our Seeds of Hope project is right at the beginning.  Our focus book, The Tin Forest and accompanying story-map are now spilling out words to magpie, ideas about rubbish and a desire to have  a garden with toucans, tigers and tree frogs in it! Today we began our way up the long slope of improving handwriting with some great results from one or two hand-writers of the future.

HFS-SURFACEP01 - WIN_20160916_121538     HFS-SURFACEP01 - WIN_20160916_120226HFS-SURFACEP01 - WIN_20160916_120855

We have a number of  trips  planned including local walks and trips further afield. The children’s knowledge stemming from their Bee Garden last year gives them a good foundation to grow the skills to explore identify and understand more about trees, woodlands and the life-cycles we can find there. We are also growing maths skills to measure and quantify the world we live in.

Watch this space.


Welcome to Hedgehogs 2015-16!HFS-SURFACEP01 - WIN_20160505_100929

Here we are nearing the end of May after such a busy year to date. Many of the children have mastered  skills they never thought would be possible and the whole class has grown in confidence across the curriculum. As we bid goodbye to Grace Darling, heroine of the seas, and confidently pepper our writing with noun phrases, the children are shown here writing their own versions of Grace Darling’s exploits. They have a growing understanding of how language is put together, which is serving them well in their  peer marking and supportive comments. Boats have been made from a variety of materials, overseen and developed by groups who have become more confident in knowledge of properties of materials and the forces in action.

HFS-SURFACEP01 - WIN_20160505_100826Just as we start our new school project based around this year’s Olympic games, I should mention the huge progress made in football skills this term under the watchful and supportive eye of Mr Phillips. An ex-professional player, he has presided over a term of lessons that have catapulted our skills onward.  As we finalise assessments and build on new learning, the children are set to design their own learning journeys into KS2 next year. What will they choose as personal goals? How wHFS-SURFACEP01 - WIN_20160412_141859ill they celebrate their achievements? Watch this space.



November 2015-
The nights are drawing in, the Dragon Project is well under way and the children are starting to extend their creative skills. With great pride they have created their own version of Jackie Morris’s book “Tell me a dragon”DSCF4168. They have written letters to authors Jackie Morris and Mark Robertson and are also planning to write to Frome Library to see if they would like our version of the book too for their shelves or display. Continuing with the works of Debi Gliori,with the rhyming text “The Trouble with Dragons”, we are beginning the challenge of creating rhyming text and jingles.

DSCF4226The plans for a number fair to promote and explain place value to their peers are developing. Counting in steps, monster maths and Grab it! are  all likely to feature. Children are challenging each other, talking and exploring maths ideas, considering how to ask a question or explain the issues of where a digit sits in a number.





October 2015


The Autumn term is racing on apace. With the lunar eclipse in September, the children explored media coverage and produced art to represent the “Blood Moon.”

We have been on a Welly walk to raise money to prevent hunger in Africa. Hedgehogs wrote list poems about their experience, using a mix of ICT and hand illustration to publish their work. It was a great success and resulted in a great time had by all, walking to local woods, exploring the habitats Y2 investigate our school grounds as a habitat.and playing in their wellies.


Some children performed their poems in Harvest assembly.
Above there is a photo of  a group of Y2 scientists investigating the school field as a habitat. The weather took a decided dip in temperature so the children did have a challenge on their hands. We will repeat our investigation in the spring and summer to see what changes there are. Watch this space.


September 2015

Welcome to all the new Hedgehog children.


Egg-citing sentences

We have started in fine style with a little bit of everything. Egg-citing sentences provided instant need for, recall and use of punctuation, legibility and interest.  It was with a sense of achievement that they were proudly finished ready for display on the wall last Friday. They are written on colour-washed and speckled eggs in a multitude of colours.  They are side by side with our gallery of self portraits completed on Moving up day last term.


Today at the start of Week 2, we bdragon loves penguinegan to learn a simple story-map based on Dragon loves Penguin by Debi Gliori: Already we have some inventive signs and actions to help us retell the story.  The children have begun to develop physical skills  in PE to help us channel energy through dance later in the year,exploring their own co-ordination, balance and agility. They are determined to create a performance for visitors to share the Dragon Project.

Our first catch up this year is the Meet the Teacher session. We would be delighted to welcome parents and carers of current Hedgehogs children. A note will be sent out shortly.




ARCHIVED 2014-15

We began this academic year with a bit of a bang, all dressing up in costumes from 100 years ago.

100 years ago dress up-H

There was an exciting start to the project by visiting Frome Museum. It was an inspirational visit led by Sue Bucklow. Listening to Sue talk about putting on an exhibition, inspired the children to start finding out more about people from their own families. What was it like a hundred years ago and what were their experience of the war?  Our work centred around the fictional scrapbook, Archie’s War by Marcia Williams.

ArchiesWar- cover


Hedgehogs visit Frome Museum


As we are now nearing the end of our World War One project, you will already have been WOWED by the children’s prowess and performance skills in our Grand Theatrical Production at Frome’s Memorial Theatre. The children did themselves proud and after weeks of project learning spilling over into a drama, had built a performance with the help of Mrs Schofield amongst others. Arriving on coaches for a full day at the theatre, both in rehearsal and with two performances, they left the theatre with extraordinarily vivid images of  the day a school went to the theatre (with a war horse)!

The curriculum is still peppered with added extras, National Poetry Day saw the children performing to the school with actions. Numbers Day, still to come will bring an exciting mixed group approach to practical maths exploration round the school.

Next week we will be putting together our work and ideas to create an exhibition of learning for the parents. The Christmas Fair is looming with the design technology opportunities for cooking, time, weight and measures.  Bring it on.