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Yearly Projects – 2017/18

Term 1 – Energy

Term 2 – The Apollo Missions

Term 3 – Neolithic History

Term 4 – School Grounds

Term 5 – Ancient Egypt

Term 6 – Pirates!

Term 3 – Neolithic History

Over the course of the last 5 weeks we have explored Neolithic history in lots of different ways. We have written stories about the adventures of a cave boy looking for pets, researched neolithic diets and compared them to diets of today, created cave paintings and designed our own neolithic monument.

We then brought all of this work together to share with the school in a neolithic feast featuring food from the era such as smoked fish, berries and bread (which we made ourselves!)

Term 2 – The Apollo Missions

This term we built our very own landing craft. The cargo… a precious egg. The pupils set their own success criteria, design specifications and researched and sourced their own materials. The designs were driven by the groups and the pupils made all their own landing craft. Sadly, not all the adventurous eggs survived their first mission… but who said space travel was easy?

Term 1 – Energy

Electric Circuit Science Fair

We also ran a science fair for our partner class, Bats. Kestrels set up several stalls that had practical experiments and investigations to explore electrical circuits as well as components, insulators and conductors.

Term 2 – The Apollo Space Missions

Space Landers

Out Design and Technology project this year was themed on the Apollo Space missions. The class were set the task of designing a lander that would safely transport an egg to the ground. The pupils were responsible for the entire project from establishing their success criteria, designing the lander, collecting resources and making the final lander.

We had a lot of fun dropping eggs in the playground and some of them survived… following our tests the pupils evaluated their designs and then suggested several improvements.


Environmental Art

We have been investigating the work of Andy Goldsworthy and as part of this work the class created their own pieces of environmental art.