Hayesdown First School

Striving for excellence together


Teacher: Mrs Lane

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Taylor and Mrs Haines

Hello and a big welcome to Ospreys class this year!

We are always ready for learning and excited about what’s in store for 2018-19.

Term 1 – the story so far….

This term, we have started to explore and understand the lives of Romans and Celts at the time of the Roman occupation of Britain. We read ‘Captive Celt’ by Terry Deary and used this to explore the lives that slaves led during this time and improve our research skills; using our knowledge, we wrote diary entries as if we were a slave in the Roman times. We then moved on to becoming building experts, creating instructions on how to build Roman roads.

We have been exploring place value and working on our understanding of numbers.  Identifying what numbers represent and practising adding and subtracting one, tens and hundreds from three digit numbers by using concrete representations and learning more sophisticated techniques.

We are also practising out times tables on www.timestables.co.uk where every pupil can track their progress and earn rewards!

Many members of Ospreys class chose to stand as representatives for School Council and Eco Team.  Speeches were prepared and bravely delivered in a bid to secure a vote, cast in a secret ballot.

Useful websites for learning: