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Parent Champions

What Are Parent Champions And What Is Their Role?

Any parent/carer with a child at Hayesdown First School is welcome to come along to Parent Champion meetings.  The meetings are designed to keep parents informed about the school’s progress towards targets set following our last Ofsted inspection and to provide a vehicle to ensure that parents’ voices contribute to decision making in respect of ongoing school improvement.

As specific examples, Parent Champions helped to decide what information needed to be on the new school website, have contributed to discussions about homework that will be actioned in April 2014 and know about a number of plans for the future including: the expansion of the The Partnership Trust; the new Research Centre and the decision to consult on increasing the school roll so that from September 2015 we have ten rather than nine classes with separate classes for Year 3 and Year 4 pupils.

Parent Champions have also had the opportunity to meet with David Gregory, CEO of the The Partnership Trust, which sponsors Hayesdown as an academy, and to share with him, what is working well from a parent perspective and aspects of the school’s work they would like to see developed.

The idea is that Parent Champions take responsibility for sharing key information with the wider parent population and also bring back to meetings, points other parents/carers wish to make.

Parent Champion Meetings

Parent Champion meetings take place in the Staff Room and start at 7.30 p.m.  Meeting dates and times are agreed on a meeting by meeting basis and are publicised on the school website calendar and in school newsletters.

Any parent/carer is welcome to attend any meeting.