Hayesdown First School

Striving for excellence together


Headteacher – Mrs Julia Battersby

Deputy Headteacher – Mrs Nicki McCormack


Ladybirds – Reception

  • Teacher: Mrs Lara Hain
  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lisa Jackson

Butterflies – Reception

  • Teachers: Mrs Laura O’Donoghue (0.5) and Mrs Georgina Sadowski (0.5)
  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs Angie Rose


Badgers – Year 1

  • Teacher: Mrs Lucy Ball
  • Teaching Assistants: Mrs Abi Bahadoor and Mrs Lisa Morris

Rabbits – Year 1

  • Teacher: Mrs Julie Turner
  • Teaching Assistants: Mrs Sara Kelly


Bats – Year 2

  • Teacher: Mrs Katie Pearson
  • Teaching Assistant: Miss Angie Cooper

Hedgehogs – Year 2

  • Teacher: Mr Matt James
  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs Nicky Gillroy


Ospreys – Year 3

  • Teacher: Mrs Catherine Lane
  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs Jane Taylor

Owls – Year 3

  • Teacher: Mr Nathan Hawkins
  • Teaching Assistants: Mrs Karen Bridges


Eagles – Year 4

  • Teacher: Miss Alice Watts
  • Teaching Assistants: Mrs Tracey Powis

Kestrels – Year 4

  • Teacher: Mrs Nicki McCormack (0.4) and Mrs Kirsty Barlow (0.6) (Mrs Jacqui Foord covering maternity leave)
  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs Liz Paget



  • Mrs Anita Crawley

Specialist Literacy Teacher

  • Miss Sarah Savage


HLTAs (Higher Level Teaching Assistants) working across the school

  • Mrs Rona Bowles (Learning Support Manager)
  • Mrs Jo Woolford
  • Mrs Clare Kennedy
  • Mrs Abbie Haines
  • Miss Angie Cooper
  • Mrs Tracey Powis
  • Mrs Liz Paget

Additional Teaching Assistants working across the school

  • Mrs Linda Allen
  • Mrs Abi Bahadoor
  • Mrs Lorraine Millen
  • Mrs Christine Grist
  • Mrs Denise Bultitude

Nurture Group Staff

  • Mrs Clare Kennedy (HLTA)
  • Mrs Denise Bultitude


Keep Up Team – a team of specialist TAs who work across the school ensuring that pupils receive support at the point of need, thereby helping them to keep up with and access the teaching provided for children in their year group

  • Mrs Rona Bowles – Keep Up Team Leader & Motor Coordination Specialist
  • Mrs Tina Williamson – Speech and Language Leader & ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant)
  • Mrs Abi Bahadoor – Phonics Leader, ILI (Individual Literacy Intervention) & Autistic Spectrum Conditions Specialist
  • Mrs Karen Bridges – Phonics & Motor Coordination Specialist
  • Mrs Clare Kennedy – Language and Communication Leader & Autistic Spectrum Conditions Specialist
  • Mrs Denise Bultitude – Behaviour Management Leader & Motor Coordination Specialist


Administrative Staff

  • Mrs Ange Mowat (Finance Officer)
  • Miss Lyn Kelly (Secretary)
  • Mrs Lisa Morris (Admin Assistant)
  • Mrs Bridget Bradford (Clerk to Governors)



  • Mr Tom Roughley


Cleaning Staff

  • Mrs Lesley Witcombe
  • Mrs Angie Rose
  • Mrs Trudi Smith


Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants

  • Mrs Karen Bridges
  • Mrs Andrea Haines
  • Mrs Julie Hillier
  • Mrs Sara Kelly
  • Mrs Lorraine Millen
  • Mrs Margaret Parsons
  • Mrs Claire Pounds
  • Mrs Angie Rose
  • Mrs Carol Richards
  • Mrs Trudi Smith
  • Mrs Tina Williamson


General Kitchen Assistant

  • Mrs Tracy Hearne


Breakfast Club Leaders

  • Mrs Gwen Hayward
  • Mrs Lorraine Millen

The HUB (after school provision) Leaders

  • Miss Angie Cooper
  • Mrs Tracey Powis