Hayesdown First School

Striving for excellence together

The Hayesdown “Will, Skill and Thrill” Curriculum

At Hayesdown First School we aim to develop the “Will, Skill and Thrill” of learning for every child. We provide an engaging, exciting and empowering curriculum that equips them for today and tomorrow.

The “WILL” – creating the conditions for learning

Developing the “Will” to learn is to foster the underpinning behaviours and attitudes in children which enable them to be ready to learn and believe that they are learners.

The “SKILL” – building and securing knowledge

Developing the “skill” curriculum is about giving children the knowledge to enable them to understand and interpret the world around them.

The “THRILL” – experiencing and engaging in learning

Developing the “thrill” curriculum is about giving children a love of learning and a method of expressing their ideas.

At Hayesdown First School the curriculum is designed to: recognise and build on children’s prior learning, provide first hand learning experiences which build cultural capital, allow the children to develop social skills and resilience to become confident, creative, critical thinkers.

Learning is underpinned by the teaching of core knowledge, skills, vocabulary and values with a vision to prepare them for life beyond Hayesdown. Clear progression models provide opportunities to build upon what has been taught before and gives pupils the required knowledge and skills for their next stage of learning.

We provide pupils with rich learning experiences through our project based curriculum alongside educational visits, residentials, extra-curricular activities and enrichment opportunities. We want children to have fun at school and talk about their First School years  as being full of great memories.

Our Hayesdown REACH Values (Responsible, Enthusiastic, Ambitious, Confident, Happy & Healthy) promote positive attitudes to learning and behaviour and underpin all we do. Our school recognises the importance of Pupil Voice through children’s roles as: Captains; members of Eco Team; School Council; Anti Bullying Ambassadors; Sports Leaders and Digital Leaders.


Community involvement is an important part of our curriculum, inviting families and visitors to facilitate learning new skills and sharing experiences.

Every child is recognised as individual and unique. Everyone is valued and supported with a range of opportunities to match the needs of children. We have an inclusive school community, celebrating and welcoming differences and diversity. We are committed to the  wellbeing and nurture of all pupils and support them through programmes of Emotional Learning, mentoring, play-therapy and our nationally accredited Nurture provision (which has received The Marjorie Boxall Quality Mark Award (MBQMA) for excellence in Nurture). We pursue this ambition using both universal and whole school approaches as well as specialised, targeted approaches aimed at vulnerable pupils.

Children leave Hayesdown with a pride in their achievements and the confidence to take the next step in their learning.  They have “Will, Skill and Thrill” to make decisions, self-evaluate, make connections and become lifelong learners.