Hayesdown First School

Striving for excellence together

Celebrating Success

A positive approach to learning, attitudes and behaviour is at the core of our school and as such we take many opportunities to celebrate children’s successes. The information included here should provide parents with a guide to how we do this and what each of our certificates, celebrations and awards are for. We hope you enjoy celebrating your child’s success with us.

Celebrating Success – a guide for parents

Dojo awards and points

Children are awarded Green (positive) Dojos by their class teacher on a daily basis for positive learning behaviours and attitudes: hard work, effort, showing our learning behaviours, Golden classroom behaviour, displaying our School Values and other reasons agreed at a class level. They are awarded electronically and parents are notified via the Dojo app (if it is installed on your phone). Each positive Dojo has a number of points attached and children can see how many they have earned. Teachers may also award Amber and Red (developmental) Dojos, if their behaviour falls below our expectations. These will also appear on parents apps and have minus points attached, which deduct points for a child’s total.


Dojo Team rewards

Each child is allocated a Dojo Team when they arrive at Hayesdown First School – it is usually the same as their sibling if they have an older brother or sister already with us. If you do not know which team your child is in, please message your child’s class teacher who will let you know. At the end of every week, Dojo team points are counted up and go towards a termly Dojo Team competition. At the end of every half term, the winning team is announced in assembly and the children get the opportunity to have a Team treat as a reward. Children are consulted on what they would like to do, for example bringing in scooters for the playground, an obstacle course, a disco, movie session, dress up session etc. Staff are assigned to each team and help to arrange the reward.


Friday Celebration Assembly

On Fridays, we end the week with a whole school Celebration Assembly. Each class awards a certificate to a child who has displayed the school values that week. They may have been Responsible, Enthusiastic, Ambitious, Confident or Happy&Healthy. Teachers chose the person to receive a REACH Values certificate and they are celebrated in front of the whole school. The teacher will read out the certificate and the child comes to stand up at the front where we can all feel proud of them. They sometimes bring their work to hold up too. The certificates also link to our learning behaviours: Resilience; Reflection; Linking; Independence and Creativity. Children will bring these certificates home to share with parents.

We also celebrate achievements for children outside of school during Friday Celebration assemblies – such as sporting trophies they have earned or certificates they have achieved for hobbies and activities.


The Golden Book of Excellence

When a child shows excellence in their learning they are sent to see the Headteacher and their name is recorded in the “Golden Book of Excellence”. Excellence will look different for every child – perhaps they have learnt to write a new sound, joined their handwriting, tackled a challenging Maths problem, produced a thoughtful piece of artwork, written a wonderful story, sung a song on their own in Music or used some new vocabulary. If a child has tried their best then their success is recorded in the Golden Book and they are given a golden star sticker. If they have been sent to the Headteacher because their presentation and handwriting is of a high standard or has shown improvement, then their work is displayed on the Golden Presentation board in the hall for everyone to see. In Friday Celebration assemblies we read out the names of children who have been in the Golden Book that week and the whole school give them a round of applause.

Names of children who have gone into the Golden Book of Excellence are recorded in the School News at the end of every half term.

Sparkle and SHINE

These awards build on our Golden Rules and behaviour expectations. Children behave very well in our school and are clear of our expectations. When we spot children being good they are given verbal praise. Many children are “Golden” in their behavior every day; teachers recognise this by giving them a “Sparkle” sticker and putting their name on the Sparkle and SHINE board. These names stay up for a half term (approx. six weeks) and then we start again. Children can be awarded multiple “Sparkles” during a term or year. If they are earning lots of “Sparkles” a child may be put forward by their teacher for our extra special SHINE award. “SHINE like a star” awards recognise exceptional behaviour. The SHINE award is given by the Headteacher; a child  will have their name written in the Golden Book alongside the reason for the award, they receive a SHINE award card, the Headteacher will contact the parent via Dojo or letter and a golden star with their name on it goes onto the display board in the hall (and stays there all year). SHINE awards are celebrated during Champions assemblies, where the names of children are read out and they stand up in front of the school.

Sparkle and SHINE awards are recorded in the School News at the end of every half term.


Champions’ Assemblies

At the end of every half term, we hold a Champions’ Assembly and invite parents of nominated children to attend (in person in the school hall). Children are not told if they will be a Champion – so we ask parents to keep their invitation a secret and keep the surprise for the assembly. These are wonderful, whole school events where we gather together to celebrate two Champions per class, SHINE awards for the term, names from the Golden Book and the winning Dojo Team – a real culmination of learning and celebration across the school for the term. Each teacher choses a “Champion” for their class: someone who has shown the REACH Values, excellence in their own learning, attitudes, behaviour and has stood out for the teacher that term.  There is also a Headteacher Champion for each class, related to an individual School Value: Responsible in term 1; Enthusiastic in term 2, Ambitious in term 3, Confident in term 4, Happy&Healthy in term 5 and then a REACH Champion in term 6 who has shown all the values all year. Children receive a special certificate which they can bring home to share with you and keep. If they have been chosen for a Headteacher Award they also get a Golden ticket which they take to the Headteacher’s office and swap for a special treat!

Our Champions’ Assemblies are a joyous way of ending each term, reflecting on every child’s learning journey, how far they have progressed what they have enjoyed, and how they are proud of themselves as part of the Hayesdown First School family.


As you can see, there are numerous ways in which we reward and celebrate your child at Hayesdown First School, as we strive for excellence together.