Hayesdown First School

Striving for excellence together


We have 2 Reception classes:

Ladybirds Class and Butterflies Class






Mrs L O’ Donoghue and Mrs Sadowski

Mrs L Ball (Butterflies)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Jackson

Mrs L Millen

Mrs J Eyers

The reception year is a significant year of school, for both our children and parents as it forms the foundation of your child’s primary education.

At Hayesdown we offer a combination of adult and child-led learning. Lots of our learning is through play, where the children can develop their personal, social and emotional skills. They learn to investigate the world around them both physically and imaginatively. The children benefit from having their own outdoor learning space where they can explore, imagine and create together.

Reading is very important to us; listening to stories and rhymes feeds children’s imagination and builds their vocabulary. Daily Read Write Inc sessions introduce children to phonics to help them develop reading and writing in a fun and engaging way.

Much of our maths is practical and encourages questioning and exploration as well as introducing key concepts through a range of resources. This helps the children to develop a solid understanding of number and other mathematical concepts in an active and enjoyable way. We have introduced ‘Numberblocks’ which has been a great way of engaging the children in maths and making it exciting for them.

Our projects for this academic year will be:

Term 1– I wonder what makes me special?

Term 2– I wonder why we celebrate?

Term 3– I wonder what I will be when I grow up?

Term 4-I wonder what happens in Spring?https://hayesdownschool.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Curriculum-Map-.pdf