Hayesdown First School

Striving for excellence together

Year Four

We have two Year Four classes:

Eagles Class and Kestrels Class

Eagles                                                                                             Kestrels


Class teacher: Ms Dowdle                                                            Class teacher: Mr Hawkins

Teaching assistants across the year: Mrs Paget & Mrs Pounds


Welcome to Year 4!

In Year 4, we look to bring their learning journey at Hayesdown to a close with a memorable year that leaves lasting memories of the school and prepares them for their transition to Middle School. We will show an ENTHUSIASTIC and AMBITIOUS attitude in all our learning and will have a particular focus on learning our multiplications to prepare for the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) at the end of the academic year.

As Year 4 is the last year of First School for children at Hayesdown, children so their RESPONSIBLE side by take on extra responsibilities and jobs around the school. These include:

  • Year 4 Captains
  • School Councillors
  • Peer Supporters
  • Digital leaders
  • Play leaders

Home Learning

To help foster CONFIDENT learners we ask for the children to complete one piece of English and multiplication work each week. Alongside this, listening to your children read at least 5 times a week for 10 minutes has a major impact on their learning in all areas of the curriculum. Throughout the year, we will provide other resources for those that would like to give their children extra support, such as multiplication practise on Purple Mash.

Our Projects 

We will cover a wide ranging variety of projects this year, that hope to inspire and enthuse the children. Often the children direct their own learning when they have found a particular aspect they are ENTHUSIASTIC about.

Term 1 – Rolling On A River – Rivers Project map

Term 2 – Walk like an Egyptian – Project Planner Y4 T2 Ancient Egypt

Term 3 – Parisian Paradise – Project Planner – Paris

Term 4 – Vicious Vikings Project Planner – Vikings 1

Term 5 – Is plastic fantastic?

Term 6- It’s all Greek to me!

The Year 4 Curriculum map can be found here – Year 4 Curriculum Map 23-24


During Year 4, we offer the chance for the children to go on a residential trip to Magdalen Farm. This is a great opportunity for them become ENTHUSIASTIC about exciting activities they may have not experienced before and show their growing independence! It is a fantastic chance for them to become HAPPY AND HEALTHY.