Hayesdown First School

Striving for excellence together


Headteacher – Mrs Julia Battersby

Deputy Headteacher – Mrs Nicki McCormack

SENDCo/Inclusion Leader –  Mrs Anita Crawley

Early Years Leader – Mrs Nicki McCormack

KS1 leader – Mrs Catherine Lane

KS2 Leader – Ms Lucy Dowdle



  • Teachers: Mrs Lucy Ball (Butterflies Class); Mrs Louise Davis (0.5) and Mrs George Sadowski (0.5) (Ladybirds Class )
  • Teaching Assistants: Mrs Joanne Eyers, Mrs Lisa Jackson (HLTA), Mrs Christine Grist, Ms Genna Scott, Mrs Michelle Perry

Year 1

  • Teachers: Mrs Catherine Lane (Badgers Class); Mrs Kate Kinson (0.5) and Mrs Laura O’Donoghue (0.5) (Rabbits Class)
  • Teaching Assistants: Mrs Abbie Haines (HLTA) , Mrs Angie Rose, Mrs Denise Bultitude

Year 2

  • Teachers: Mrs Emily Paddock (Bats Class); Miss Georgia Burford (Hedgehogs Class)
  • Teaching Assistants: Mrs Nicky Gilroy, Miss Angie Cooper (HLTA)

Year 3

  • Teachers: Mr Matt James (Ospreys Class); Miss Mollie Page (Owls Class)
  • Teaching Assistants: Mrs Abi Bahadoor, Mrs Liz Paget (HLTA)

Year 4

  • Teachers: Ms Lucy Dowdle (Eagles Class); Mr Nathan Hawkins (Kestrels Class)
  • Teaching Assistants: Mrs Jane Taylor, Mrs Tracey Powis (HLTA), Mrs Clare Kennedy



HLTAs (Higher Level Teaching Assistants) working across the school

  • Mrs Jo Woolford
  • Mrs Lisa Jackson
  • Mrs Clare Kennedy
  • Mrs Abbie Haines
  • Miss Angie Cooper
  • Mrs Tracey Powis
  • Mrs Liz Paget

Emotional Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs Tina Williamson; Mrs Claire Pounds

Nurture Group Staff

  • Mrs Clare Kennedy (HLTA)
  • Mrs Denise Bultitude


Administrative Staff

  • Mrs Ange Mowat (Finance Officer)
  • Miss Lyn Kelly (School Administrator)
  • Mrs Lisa Morris (Admin Assistant)
  • Miss Ellen Carter (Business Apprentice)



  • Mr Tom Roughley


Cleaning Staff

  • Mrs Lesley Witcombe
  • Mrs Angie Rose
  • Mrs Trudi Smith


Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants

  • Mrs Genna Scott
  • Mrs Sarah Forrester
  • Mrs Margaret Parsons
  • Mrs Claire Pounds
  • Mrs Angie Rose
  • Mrs Trudi Smith
  • Mrs Tina Williamson
  • Mrs Karen Haines
  • Mrs Michelle Perry
  • Mrs Julie Hillier


General Kitchen Assistant

  • Mrs Sarah Appleton-Jones
  • Mrs Amanda Stevens


Breakfast Club Leaders

  • Mrs Lorraine Millen
  • Miss Genna Scott
  • Mrs Liz Paget
  • Mrs Jo Eyers
  • Mrs Chris Grist

The HUB (after school provision) Leaders

  • Miss Angie Cooper
  • Mrs Tracey Powis