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Learning Behaviours

At Hayesdown First School, we have 5 Learning Behaviours that will help children become great learners. The aim of our Learning Behaviours is to help children understand HOW they learn, identifying the behaviours and skills they need to be successful.


This learning behaviour promotes the ability to keep going when things get tough. We will all face challenges in life and if we want to learn we must persevere and keep trying. The idea that everyone will fail or make mistakes is important as we only learn when we make “marvellous mistakes”.

Keep going                   
Don’t give up             
Face your challenges
Manage your distractions             
Make marvellous mistakes
When things are tough we are learning




This learning behaviour promotes the ability to do things by yourself and be self-motivated. It can be about looking after our own things and making sure we have everything we need to be ready for learning. We encourage everyone to be independent at Hayesdown First School.

Try things on my own                      
Focus on my own work
Find my own resources     
Organise my work and resources
Look after my things



This learning behaviour promotes the ability to work alongside others as part of a team. Linking with other people develops important social skills to help us be successful.  Linking can also relate to linking ideas and learning across lessons or between home and school.

Partner talk               
Group learning                  
Linking ideas        
Links across lessons
Linking home and school



This learning behaviour promotes the ability to review learning and consider what has gone well. It is also important to consider what could be further improved to make learning even stronger. To be a great learner we must reflect on what we have already achieved and look forward to what we can do better in the future.

Talk about my learning       
Plan what to do next
Check my work      
Purple polish my work
What have I done well?     
                                                                        How can I improve?



This learning behaviour promotes the ability to be an individual and use our imagination. Trying new things and changing the way things are done can create new learning. It is important to respect everyone as an individual, promoting and celebrating original thinking.

Try new things              
Be original
Express myself             
Have new ideas
Use my imagination