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Eco Committee Members Wisely Spend Gift From The Frome Branch Of The Royal British Legion

Posted on: 25th November 2015

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On Monday 23rd November four members of the school’s Eco Committee visited Hunting Raven Books in Cheap Street, Frome to spend £50 of book tokens kindly given to pupils by the Frome Branch of the Royal British Legion when children wrote some deeply touching letters to WWI soldier, Private Charlie Robins as part of their project work. The letters were for a competition the British Legion was running. However, on reading them, members decided that it was inappropriate to select a winner because they felt that each letter contained something really special. Acknowledging this, Chairman Jane Norris presented the school with £50 to spend on books of its choice.

This year the school is working to earn the Silver Eco Award. Therefore, pupils decided to spend the tokens on books about environmental change and looking after our planet. Karin Campagna of Hunting Raven Books kindly looked through books held in stock at the Frome bookshop, setting to one side books suitable for the pupils’ age and linked to the theme they wished to explore.

Noah, Poppy, William and Mia were selected to make the choice on behalf of fellow pupils and on visiting the bookshop, were outstanding in their approach to this important task. They considered the needs of pupils across the school and took time to review and consider best value purchasing strategies including a 10% discount generously provided by Hunting Raven Books.

Pupils returned to school with 6 carefully selected books and 4 additional books kindly donated by Hunting Raven Books. Their purchases are now in the school’s library to be read by pupils and to support the work of the Eco Committee.

We would like to thank the Frome Branch of the Royal British Legion and Hunting Raven Books for the support they have shown to pupils as they learn important citizenship skills.

Staff at the school were also extremely impressed by the impressive leadership and organisation skills demonstrated by Noah, Poppy, Mia and William.

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