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Harvest Celebrations

Posted on: 7th October 2019

On Friday 27th September we celebrated Harvest at Hayesdown First School.

We had planned an exciting Hayesdown Harvest Home family picnic as part of our celebrations, unfortunately the weather was against us!

However, we continued with an indoor Harvest Festival, sharing songs, poems and prayers together, thinking about the food we have and how we need to share so everyone has enough food to eat.

Year 4 sang the Harvest Samba to get everyone in the mood, followed by our new Reception children singing Big Red Combine Harvester. Considering these children have only been in school a few weeks they did an amazing job of singing in joyous voices with lots of actions – in front of the whole school!

Year 2 read a Harvest Poem and Year 1 children shared interesting Harvest facts that they had researched. Year 3 sang the old favourite “Cauliflowers Fluffy” and we welcomed Jim from Clink Evangelical Church who demonstrated the importance of sharing the world’s food fairly and giving thanks for all we have. Jacob and Mathew from Year 3 finished our celebrations with Harvest Prayers they had written.

We then all had our picnic – we just had it indoors instead! Everyone sat on blankets and rugs, with children and adults eating their picnics together.

Once again, our parent community have showed their generosity by donating an enormous amount of food which was given to Fair Frome Food Bank. These donations will go to those in need in our local community. We cannot thank parents enough for their kindness and setting a superb example for our children to follow.

So, although our Harvest Festival didn’t go according to plan – we still managed to celebrate, reflect and be thankful for the food we have.


We have even set ourselves a Food Waste School Challenge. Our Eco team will be weighing the food waste each week with the aim to have reduced it by December. We are encouraging everyone to eat what is on their plate so we waste less food. It will keep us HAPPY & HEALTHY as well as being good for the environment. The Eco team will be keeping everyone up to date with our progress.