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Harvest Festival 2023

Posted on: 20th October 2023

On Friday 13th October Hayesdown celebrated its Harvest Festival. The children had explored the theme of “What food is grown and/or harvested in Britain” and how is that food moved from Farm to Fork.
This year our two Reception Classes started the celebration off with a lovely re telling of the story ‘The Little Red Hen’ combined with a beautiful rendition of the song ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’, Hearing them sing and dramatise the story made us all smile!
Key Stage 1 focused on the theme of Farm to Fork using drama, paintings and written facts to explain how a variety of vegetables get from the farm to our plates. We learnt about potatoes from Badgers, wheat from Bats, carrots from Rabbits and apples from Hedgehogs. We ENTHUSIASTICALLY sang “In the Autumn” – where the children showed how CONFIDENT they are by singing in unison!
Key Stage 2 shared some amazing facts about where food is grown and harvested in Britain. From Owls we learnt about rhubarb and raspberries grown in Scotland. Ospreys explained
about Sausages made in the East of England. Eagles told us about milk produced in the South of the country while Kestrels explained all about Lobsters that are harvested in the
West of Wales.
We ended the festival with one of our favourite harvest songs – ‘Easy Peasy Harvest’! It was a very special event with the school joining together to give thanks for our food.

Thank you to everyone who provided a donation for Harvest Festival -as you can see we had an abundance of tins, packets and other dried foods which Fair Frome are delighted to accept. You have been very generous !