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Hayesdown Mystery Box.

Posted on: 17th April 2024

On Monday Hayesdown school made an exciting discovery in the school grounds of a ‘Mystery Box’. The School Council braved the torrential rain and uncovered a special memory box. Everyone was called into the hall to open it up together. Some of the children were hoping it contained gold or treasure – and it was treasure but of a different type! Inside we found lots of interesting items and clues as to why the box may have been left for us, these included a 1/2 pence piece, SPAM and Angel delight, a cassette tape of music by Wizzard, 10cc, Donny Osmond and Slade, a school bell, an old reading book, the school log book and some newspaper articles about Hayesdown First school. The Children used their History detective skills and decided that it was left by the children and teachers from Hayesdown School when it first opened (1973-1974)

What an exciting start to the term and to our new, whole school project of ‘AMAZING HAYESDOWN ‘.

Over the coming weeks we will start to be exploring how the school has changed over the last 50 Years and we are looking forward to sharing everything in our celebrations at the end of term.