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Maths Week

Posted on: 20th March 2022

Monday the 7th of March marked the start of Maths Week, where children from all classes participated in a selection of AMBITIOUS and exciting maths activities. Every day of the week, parents and children were invited into the hall to participate in Maths Mornings to start off their school day. This involved them working CONFIDENTLY with parents to figure out maths puzzles using counters and lots of other hands-on activities.

Our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes also participated in a maths afternoon, in which the children RESPONSIBLY visited different classes. The children took part in a fun variety of maths learning activities, which involved, ENTHUSIASTICALLY throwing bean bags into hoops and adding the totals, HAPPILY matching patterns together as well as using resources such as counters, dice and dominos to complete their activities.