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Recovery Curriculum Displays

Posted on: 11th October 2020

In our first term back at school we have been following a Recovery Curriculum which has placed the wellbeing of pupils at the forefront and allowed them space and time to settle back into the routines of school. We have been very pleased with how children have managed the return to school after many months of home learning.

Part of our Recovery Curriculum was to reflect on the school closure and lockdown period and allow children to explore and talk about some of the issues that have affected them. We have used Art and PSHRE lessons to help children express themselves. A lot of the work the children completed has been used to create wonderful displays around the school. It is a pleasure to walk along the corridors and celebrate our Recovery Curriculum and the thoughts and feelings of our pupils.

Here is a showcase of some of the work produced:

What we can do if we can’t hug:

Children talked about now being able to hug the people they love – family and friends – and what they could do instead. Some of the children developed hand signals and fancy footwork to show they would hug if they could! Other children describe what an imaginary hugs would look and feel like.








100 reasons why we love Hayesdown First School

Children at Hayesdown First School love their school for many reasons – and they were able to share all of them – from playing with friends, learning maths, getting better at writing and even the funny teachers!!!!

People who help us

The children drew and wrote about all the heroes who helped them and their families throughout lockdown – a celebration of community!

Lockdown emotions

The children used pastels exploring colours and mark making to represent the variety of emotions that they experienced during the lockdown period – can you spot “confused”, “worried”; ” happy”; “sad”; “lonely”; “joy”; “excitement”???












What if you fall – but what if you fly!

Children explored the feeling of returning to school and having missed out on learning. They talked about feeling nervous about getting back into learning and feeling they “can’t do it”. By talking about growth mindset the teachers and children developed the idea that learning can give you the wings to fly……………………..and children and teachers stood in front of the giant wings they created to illustrate this.