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School gets a Make-Over thanks to local companies

Posted on: 15th June 2019

We are very proud of our school and work hard to ensure that it is an attractive and appealing place for children to learn in. We are always looking for ways to improve our school site and keep up the high standards of facilities. You may have noticed that the school has had a “make over” in a couple of key areas and we couldn’t have done this without the generosity of two local companies. Permaframe and Apetito have both given donations to the school to allow us to update and maintain the school site.

Children in the Sunflowers Nurture group had noticed that some of the windows in the Palace building were permanently misted over. They decided to write to Permaframe to see if someone could come and have a look at repairing them. Imagine their delight and surprise when Permaframe not only came to measure up – but also offered to fit and replace three windows and a door for free!  The children are thrilled that their letter writing has made a big difference to the school – pupil power at work! We have also given the Palace woodwork a new coat of paint, leaving it looking much smarter all round.

In addition, we have also been able to revamp the gardening area due to a generous £500 donation from Apetito, a local food catering company. Sadly, the old raised beds were rotten making the gardening area impossible to use. Thanks to the donation from Apetito we have completely renewed the beds and resurfaced the area. Our Year 1 classes have been RESPONSIBLE for planting fruit, vegetables and flowers to attract bees and insects. The “Planting Party”, where parents joined the children to plant the flowers they had donated, was a fantastic celebration and culmination of the Year 1 “Bee friendly” project. It was very encouraging to see parents and children working ENTHUSIASTICALLY together to make our garden area look splendid – and hopefully attract insets and wildlife.

We cannot thank these local companies enough for their generosity. At a time when schools’ budgets are very tight, these donations have allowed us to make a real difference to the learning experience of our children. Parents of children in the school work for both companies and we are very grateful to everyone involved.