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Waste Week 2021

Posted on: 12th March 2021


WC 08/03/2021

This week not only has been the first week at school but it has also been Waste Week 2021. This year’s focus was on Food Waste. So we have had the clean plate/clean box challenge.

“We had to make sure the food doesn’t end up in the bin” Lottie Y3

“We will have a clean plate challenge” Lucy Y2

The whole school took time to learn more about waste in our classes and talked about its effect on climate change. We did this during class assembly time and did a range of challenges for example a waste fact treasure hunt and writing pledges to be better at making less waste!


At home we were challenges to enter The Great Buster Bake competition and create a recipe from leftover food. Some great examples were over ripe banana bread and baked bean stir fry!

Our Eco Team

This week we also had a visit from Emma from Mendip Waste who was delighted by our recycling efforts at Hayesdown First School and said “ You are the most Eco-friendly school I have met so far”.
Two members of our Eco-Team spoke to Emma about their knowledge of our systems and were able to impress her with their knowledge of everything Eco at our school including which bins we have in each classroom.
Well done Bella and Alex from Year 4!