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Year 1’s Chinese New Year Extravaganza

Posted on: 18th February 2022

Our Year 1 classes Rabbits and Badgers welcomed Chinese New Year in style, through a jam-packed timetable of activities! As part of their AMBITIOUS schedule,  the children  ENTHUSIASTICALLY  listened to and discussed the Chinese New Year story and found out which Zodiac sign they were.

All the children were actively involved in the following activities: traditional lantern making, Chinese fan making, making tangrams, learning some Mandarin, and RESPONSIBLY preparing, cooking and eating a Chinese style stir-fry!

Then they CONFIDENTLY finished off the day, with a wonderful Chinese New Year dragon parade and dance.

This day gave the children the opportunity to embrace Chinese culture and learn about how other cultures celebrate festivals differently from us.

‘We dressed up in all red and we made noodles.’ – Sullivan

‘We made fans, lanterns and a dragon!’ – Arabella

‘I really liked the noodles and I loved the mushrooms!’ – Alistair