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Year 1’s Marvelous Market Trip!

Posted on: 20th March 2022

On Wednesday the 2nd of March, our Year 1 classes, Rabbits and Badgers went to visit the Frome Town Market, as part of their ‘Frome: Farm to Fork’ project, to AMBITIOUSLY discover where their food comes from. They visited lots of different places, including the cheese stall, where they CONFIDENTLY spoke to the owner about lots of different types of cheese and how it is made. The children also had the opportunity to learn about the types of local cheeses made in Somerset and some children even tasted them!
They then went to the greengrocers, to find out how and what happens to the fruit and vegetables before they get to our plates, to keep us HAPPY and HEALTHY! The children then all had the opportunity to pick a piece of fruit to buy which they enjoyed eating once they had returned to school!

Once they had finished exploring the shops, they completed a survey looking at the types of shops on the high street and how they’ve changed through the years.
They then walked very RESPONSIBLY, all the way back to school.


‘The shops looked very different in the olden days when they took pictures in the 1920s.’ – Amelia and Imogen
‘The cheese came from goats, cows and sheep –  it can be made from lots of different animals.’ – Sullivan