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Year 3 celebrate “Pebble in my Pocket” topic

Posted on: 10th December 2019

Year three children wowed their parents when they were invited to school to share everything learned during the topic this term.  From the visit to Charmouth  (Fantastic Fossil Finders From Frome), who Mary Anning was (Stone Girl, Bone Girl), types of fossils, how fossils are formed (some amazing home projects explained this perfectly),  and what happened to the dinosaurs … through to what a volcano is, Mount Vesuvius and the decimation of Pompeii and even a historical walk down the Pompeii streets to see what it would have once looked like.  Both classes also amazed their parents with their VOLCANO dance (telling the story of the destruction of Pompeii)   Ospreys told the story in style through “Clubbed to Death” by Rob Dougan and Owl class told the same story through “Bolero” (watch out Dancing on Ice).

What was clear to all was how much the children had learned through this topic and also how much they enjoyed finding out about so many different elements.  Who knew a pebble in your pocket could teach you so much?