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Year 3 Stonehenge visit

Posted on: 18th September 2023

On Wednesday 13th September 2023, Year 3 went to visit Stonehenge for the day to introduce their topic, Stone Age to Iron Age. Each class participated in a workshop, where they were able to get a better understanding of what Neolithic people were like. They were able to see and feel some clothing made from animal skins, sit inside a roundhouse and grind up corn with stones as well as look at some replica tools from the Stone Age and try and guess what their uses were. During the workshop, the children investigated how the Neolithic people created Stonehenge and tried to assess the best system of transporting and lifting the stones. The children were very enthusiastic trying to work together to come up with the best method! After the workshop, we took a 5-minute bus ride to see the stones. The children were amazed with how big the stones really were and we had some very interesting discussion as to why they might have been placed there. The children also had the opportunity to go into the museum where there were many artefacts for them to look at, as well as a replica Stone Age man’s head! It was a fantastic day out and it was a great way to kick off our new exciting project!