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Year Four Boulder Rooms Adventure

Posted on: 2nd February 2022

On Thursday the 20th our Year 4 classes Kestrels and Eagles, took a very exciting trip to Frome Boulder Rooms. The purpose of this trip was to explore some adventurous ways to be HAPPY & HEALTHY and active for PE, working as a team or individually.

The two classes split into groups, undertaking an AMBITIOUS challenge to get to the top of the climbing walls as well as taking part in some archery!

Qualified climbing instructors taught the children how to scale the climbing walls with CONFIDENCE, some more challenging that others! Everyone took part, even if they were feeling a little bit nervous!

Whilst bouldering doesn’t involve harnesses, our climbers were protected by plenty of safety mats to land on. The climbing instructors also supported the children when looking where to put their feet as they climbed, to find the easiest path up the walls. As well as walls to climb up, there were also walls for our children to climb across, if they wanted to stay a little closer to the ground.

The children then ENTHUSIASTICALLY participated in archery, shooting arrows at the puzzle pieces on the targets. Archery quite a challenge and the children worked in pairs to be successful.

At the end of the session, Year 4 continued to be  HAPPY & HEALTHY as they walked back to school and shared with Mrs Battersby their experiences, with some of the following quotes:

‘There were no harnesses, but they had really soft mats to land on!” Lottie

‘In archery, I kept hitting 1s and 3s on the target.’ Elliot

‘I highly recommend it, but archery was harder than it looks! I kept shooting it past the board.’ Seren, Year 4

‘It was brilliant and really fun!’ – Violet Year 4