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No Outsiders

Hayesdown First School aims to be a welcoming and inclusive school, which promotes equality for pupils, staff, parents and the community.

We strive to teach children that everyone is unique and special – that being different is positive. We also teach the children that there are more things that unite us than divide us and we can all live together, embracing our diversity and including everyone.

Follow this link to our Equalities page to find out more.

What is No Outsiders? 

At Hayesdown First School, we use the book  No Outsiders in our School: teaching the Equality Act in Primary Schools by Andrew Moffatt. This resource allows schools to deliver the objectives outlined in the Equality Act 2010 which make it against the law to discriminate against an individual because of a range of protected characteristics. 

The No Outsiders resource provides session plans for each school year group (EYFS – Y4) based on a selection of picture books and is taught as part of our wider PSHRE curriculum particularly enhancing the relationships aspect. It also links to British Values and Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) learning. As part of the curriculum, every child takes part. No Outsiders challenges stereotypes and discrimination. The strategies and sessions reflect and value the diversity of pupils’ experiences whilst also providing pupils with an understanding of people and communities beyond their immediate experience.  

Issues addressed include: gender and gender identity, religion, race, sexual orientation, disability and age. The focus of the programme is around noticing, celebrating and developing resilience around diversity. Through discussion and activities based upon the picture books, pupils are encouraged to show respect and develop their understanding of diversity. 

How will we do it? 

Class teachers will deliver the programme throughout the year using developmentally appropriate picture books at least once per term.  This allows children to learn at an age appropriate level. 

No Outsiders Books overview

All school staff will promote and recognise the No Outsiders ethos as part of the school all day every day. No Outsiders posters are displayed around school and we use the phrase “no outsiders” when we talk about equality, diversity and inclusion. 

Whole school assemblies also support and explore related topics and promote the inclusive ethos of “No Outsiders” at Hayesdown First School. 

Why is it important? 

Our aim is for children to leave Hayesdown First School happy and excited about living in a community full of difference and diversity, whether that difference is through ethnicity, gender, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or religion.  

It is important we create a school culture in which children, staff and the whole school community work together to foster an environment of inclusivity through high-quality experiences. 

We strive to ensure that our pupils are surrounded by a consistently positive message about diversity and inclusivity – “all different- all welcome”. We want our children to champion inclusion and embrace diversity.  

It is vital that our pupils can discuss issues and themes that relate to diversity, feel confident to identify and challenge inappropriate and discriminative language and understand how to address boundaries in order to prepare them for a future in modern Britain. 

We will work alongside our families and parents to deliver this message of inclusivity. Parents are very welcome to call in to see your child’s class teacher to discuss this approach and to view the picture books we shall be using.