Hayesdown First School

Striving for excellence together


At Hayesdown First School, we recognise the importance of PE and the role it has to play in promoting long term, healthy lifestyles. The intent of our PE curriculum is to provide all children with high quality PE and sport provision. It is our vision for every pupil to succeed and achieve their potential as well as to lead physically active lifestyles. We strive to inspire our pupils through fun and engaging PE lessons that are enjoyable, challenging and accessible to all. We want our pupils to appreciate the benefits of a healthy and physically active lifestyle. Through our teaching of PE, we will provide opportunities for pupils to develop values and transferable life skills such as fairness and respect as well as providing them with opportunities to take part in competitive sport.

All children participate in the Golden Mile by running laps of the playground. Each year we set ourselves a target to reach a different destination around the world, for example running to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics.

In 2019 the quality of our sport curriculum was reviewed by the government led awards scheme: Schools Games Mark. Due to our school’s wide range of sporting activities and commitment to the development of competition across the school and community, we were awarded the Silver Sports Mark.




Children to develop a sense of responsibility through the use and return of equipment at play and lunch times. The children represent their school responsibly in many different sporting forums throughout the year.
ENTHUSIASTIC: Children engage in lessons, festivals, clubs and inter/intra sport competitions enthusiastically. They bring their enthusiasm to lessons, clubs, festivals and competitions.
AMBITIOUS: Children strive to develop their skills in PE lessons and in each sporting activity accessed. These skills are can be transferred and developed outside of school through the uptake and joining of clubs/hobbies.
CONFIDENT: Children are confident to coach each other in lessons, to look for developments and strengths in each other’s work.  They are confident to develop their skills outside of school in a chosen sport.
HAPPY & HEALTHY: Children have a clear understanding of how to stay and be healthy and how sport can contribute towards keeping us happy in our daily life and into the future.


The Long Term Overview for PE can be found here: PE LONG TERM PLAN