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Physical Education

At Hayesdown First School, we use ‘Primary PE Planning’ as a scheme to teach the purpose and aims of the national curriculum and we recognise the importance of PE and the role it has to play in promoting long term, healthy lifestyles. The intent of our PE curriculum is to inspire EVERY child to be passionate about Physical Education and Sport.  We believe that Physical Education and sport is for everyone! We aim to give ALL children a love for PE, Sport, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle that continues throughout their lives.                                                  Inspire. Develop. Challenge.


All children participate in the Golden Mile by running laps of the playground. Each year we set ourselves a target to reach a different destination around the world, for example running to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics.


Every Wednesday morning at Hayesdown we have a ‘Wake and Shake’ session from 8:40am. The purpose of these sessions is not only to encourage children to be active, happy and healthy but to stimulate their brains so they are feeling ready and energised to start their school day with a positive attitude.




Children to develop a sense of responsibility through the use and return of equipment at play and lunch times. The children represent their school responsibly in many different sporting forums throughout the year.
ENTHUSIASTIC: Children engage in lessons, festivals, clubs and inter/intra sport competitions enthusiastically. They bring their enthusiasm to lessons, clubs, festivals and competitions.
AMBITIOUS: Children strive to develop their skills in PE lessons and in each sporting activity accessed. These skills are can be transferred and developed outside of school through the uptake and joining of clubs/hobbies.
CONFIDENT: Children are confident to coach each other in lessons, to look for developments and strengths in each other’s work.  They are confident to develop their skills outside of school in a chosen sport.
HAPPY & HEALTHY: Children have a clear understanding of how to stay and be healthy and how sport can contribute towards keeping us happy in our daily life and into the future.

Pupil Voice at Hayesdown:

Reception – I love working in a group with my friends.

Year 1 – I like PE because it makes me feel strong and happy.

Year 2 – I like learning different skills in PE because it makes me better at football.

Year 3 – I really enjoy PE because I like being active and I feel happy and healthy.

Year 4 – Our PE lessons are fun because we can watch videos which explain the warm up and different activities.


Curriculum Progressions

The Skills Progression model can be found here: PE Curriculum Progression Model

The PE Curriculum Overview can be found here: PE Curriculum Overview

The PE Policy can be found here: HFS PE Health and Safety Policy


PE supports our schools aim to place reading at the heart of the curriculum by instilling a love of sport for a child enabling them to find texts, books and magazines that are of interest to them and find out information on different sportspeople and how they have become resilient in their journey to success. Children will also read sports reports and scores linked to games and will successfully be able to identify which player has scored, which team has won and who their next opponent could be and where in the world this match may take place.