Hayesdown First School

Striving for excellence together

Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice plays a strong role in the school ethos, giving children essential roles to play in school organisation and development. They have a high profile in school and are encouraged to lead assemblies, work in the wider community where possible and write articles for the school newsletter. We have a range of Pupil Voice opportunities in school including:


School Council: (wear red t-shirts)

One child from each class in the school (two from the Year 4 classes) are voted in each year after making a speech to their class members. They are the group who make decisions in school regarding charity work and fundraising events. School Council are also the children who give the leadership of the school feedback on recent developments and can help make decisions on school improvement focus areas. They have an important role to play as they represent the whole pupil community – all children are part of the school council but these children represent their classes.

Eco team: (wear Eco-team lanyards)

These children are also elected by their classmates. All year groups are represented, and they lead on our environmental developments. Our school has achieved the Green Flag Eco-Schools award and we are committed to supporting the environment and reducing waste and pollution.






Captains: (wear Blue Captains badges)

These Year 4 pupils are nominated for their roles and responsibilities by class teachers. They have important responsibilities in helping the school run smoothly. These are roles such as: Assembly Captains; Gate Captains; Register Captains; Library Captains;



Anti-Bullying Ambassadors: (wear yellow caps)

These children from Year 4 are trained to provide support for other children during playtimes. They help reduce conflict by modelling positive behaviours and are the first port of call for children who have a problem at playtimes.




Playleaders: (wear orange t-shirts)

A group of Year 4 pupils who work alongside the Deputy Head to provide and maintain the PE/activity equipment at playtimes. They have training on playground games they can lead and have regular meetings where they provide ideas for improving activity at playtimes.



Digital Leaders (wear purple lanyards)

These children have a responsibility for looking after the computing equipment and the ICT suite. They also support children in lessons where required. As ambassadors for e-safety, they ensure that children know, understand and follow the SMART rules at school and at home.