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Religious Education

At Hayesdown First School we believe that RE education should be fully inclusive to every child. Our aims are to provide a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum; ensuring the progressive development of RE knowledge, skills and vocabulary.

We intend for the different elements of the RE curriculum to engage, inspire and encourage the pupils, providing and equipping them with knowledge and skills, to answer challenging questions, explore different religious beliefs, values, traditions and lifestyles.  Teaching should equip pupils with a knowledge of diverse people, cultures and  the skill to distinguish key features of  different traditions.

Through Somerset’s Awareness Mystery and Values curriculum, we will support pupils to develop their understanding of some of the principal religious traditions, beliefs and practices that are followed in our multi-cultural society and may be beyond the realms of their local and immediate experience.

We hope that the broader knowledge imparted, discussed and explored will expand and enrich children’s learning.  We intend pupils to develop tolerance and appreciation of difference; to understand how religious education promotes and supports a deeper understanding of their fellow humans and helps pupils to approach challenging situations more confidently in their daily and future lives.

Our RE curriculum links with our school’s REACH values in the following ways:



RE helps us become more responsive and responsible. Children develop a sense of morality and fairness through learning about beliefs and values. They can gain an insight into other people’s lives and religions and can learn to behave with responsibility in their own lives.
ENTHUSIASTIC: RE at Hayesdown should make us curious and help us to actively seek out new learning with enthusiasm. Children engage in practical activities and explore religion through stories, artefacts, visits and sharing ideasThey learn to appreciate the enrichment of a diverse and multi-faith world.
AMBITIOUS: RE at Hayesdown is ambitious Children stretch their social, personal and academic learning from the people, places and beliefs of their everyday experiences, into those which may be far from their familiar life. Learning can be unlocked through stretching knowledge and sharing the common human condition.
CONFIDENT: Children gain the tools and confidence to express opinions and ask questions about people, places and events. The skills of communication, their developing understanding of different traditions and a readiness to share ideas, help them to become more confident and open-minded learners.
HAPPY & HEALTHY: RE helps children to unlock their own feelings, spirituality and beliefs.  Children begin to discover the joyous celebrations and important moments of their own and other people’s lives.  RE gives children the tools to thrive in a multi-faith world, to appreciate their own and other’s lives and to help stay happy and healthy.


Reading at the Heart of our Curriculum:

RE supports our school’s aim to place “Reading at the Heart of Hayesdown” by providing opportunities to develop new vocabulary and use it in a variety of verbal and written activities. All classes have vocabulary walls where children are introduced to new vocabulary linked to different religions and faiths, enabling children to recognise and use the new vocabulary with confidence. In lessons children are given opportunities to read independently and also as a whole class.

The Long Term Overview for RE can be found here: RE Curriculum overview 

Please see our RE progression document for all year groups here: Progression Model