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Term Dates

Term Dates 2023-2024

Please be aware of the term dates for the 2023 -2024  academic year and ensure that any holidays you are planning do not fall within term time. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, holidays in term time will not be authorised by the school. Please be aware that unauthorised term term leave for holidays may incur a penalty fine from Somerset County Council.

Our term dates are as closely aligned with Somerset and local schools as possible. We endeavour to arrange INSET training for similar dates as Frome middle schools and Frome College, however this is not possible in all cases. 

School Terms and Holidays 2023 – 24 HAYESDOWN

TERM 1:   4th September 2023  – 20th October 2023

TERM 2:   30th October 2023 – 15th  December 2023

TERM 3:   2nd  January 2024 – 9th February 2024

TERM 4:   19th February 2024 – 28th March 2024

TERM 5:   15th April 2024 – 24th May 2024

TERM 6:   3rd June 2024 – 24th July 2024



Monday 4th September 2023

Tuesday 5th September 2023

Monday 30th October 2023

Tuesday 2nd January 2024

Monday 19th February 2024